Sunday, October 2, 2011

Via the VeganMofo Twitter Account: Has a Non-Vegan Ever Cooked For you

This isn't the most inspiring of posts, but the tweet caught my interest and maybe it's love but I've been pretty touched by some minor efforts on behalf of my family and friends for their short-green-haired-vegan.

The most recent meal cooked for me by a non-vegan was from my lover A. It wasn't fancy, heck it wasn't healthy or balanced, but it was really sweet (for me anyway). Coming from a 20'something guy who doesn't cook and eats Kraft dinner out of the pot for himself the effort was nice.

Ok, no more lies, the big seller is I just really, really love potatoes. He wound up baking us both up some potatoes which we ate with a variety of pickles he has stashed about his apartment. At the time I was staying with him and his roommate because I was homeless, going through a super rough time, not eating much (because I was a) couch surfing and b) low on $). So having a full stomach and eating with someone (who did all the cooking) was a nice change.

If I recall correctly, it was baked potatoes, bread and butter pickled vegetables, dill pickles and some pickled beets possibly with minute maid mix-from frozen juice. It wasn't glamorous, but sometimes being taken care of by someone (despite their abilities/usual tendencies) was really nice. There is no better way to care for someone or take care of them then to feed them. That's my mind set anyway.


RunCrissieRun said...

My husband isn't vegan, and twice a year (mother's day and my bday), he attempts to make me a vegan meal. It's cute, but usually takes him all day! said...

Awww that's a cute story! I like it when non-vegans cook for me, my oldest best friend always makes an effort to make vegan dishes for parties I'll be at & she loved it when I bought her Veganomicon for Christmas a few years back.

Nicola said...

I love potatoes, my motto is: A spud day is a good day!

My dad's practising a vegan recipe tonight for me and if it works he's coming round on Thursday to feed me, I really appreciate the effort, so sweet :-)