Monday, March 28, 2011

Tasty Week night meal

Sorry for the long absence, I just reclaimed my kitchen from the mold and bacon grease/roommate related mess. Late classes followed by tasty tasty full meals.

The prep was pretty easy, I defrosted some mock chicken breast, 4 in total. Took two to cover with garlic, olive oil, dijon, thyme, pepper, celery, balsamic vinegar and diced green onions and set them aside to marinate.

The other two were chopped plain and added to a bowl with celery, cabbage, green onions, white onion, vegan mayo, dijon, pepper and so on. So lunch tomorrow was the leftover diced carrots, celery and cherry tomatoes for work.

Back to the cooking, I rubbed 3 potatoes with olive oil and tossed them into the toaster oven. Then I shredded a head of cabbage and 1/2 onion to fry in margerine with onion/garlic/celery/pepper. Splashing in water as needed to braise it up, eventually reducing it with white wine.

Steamed some carrot chunks and added my mock-chicken to the toaster oven.

Final plate! Braised cabbage; steamed carrots; roasted dijon vegan chicken; roasted celery/onions; cherry tomatoes; and baked potatoes.

Not pictured is the balsamic glaze for the carrots and the dijon reduction sauce for the mock-breast.

Added some hot tea for the throat and voila!

Update on my lunch tomorrow to come!

Followed by Cabbage may be the greatest vegetable ever! it's 79 cents!! For over a pound, easily adds a quick cooking veggie for all meals and keeps forever. Salads, Slaws, Chicken Salad, braised veggies, steamed, used as lettuce or whatever! Good times.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A quick study break: Tea

Sorry for the neglect (doesn't it seem like most of these posts start this way?). I was feeling a little inspired today from my friend's blog bitch with a tea cup and our recent tea adventures.

So I brewed up a large pot of Emperor's Pu-erh steeped for 3 minutes until golden. Then removing the tea bag, adding 1/2 fresh lime, and squirt of Agave into a large mason jar to sit while going over my readings on gender and sexuality.

For a slight nutty, citrusy,tangy and slightly sweet chilled tea. Dark rich tea, perfect spring-summer connection. I think I might brew up a litre or two of this, chilled in the fridge for the summer.