Sunday, October 23, 2011

Veganmofo: Halifaxs Eats Backlog Sushi style!

Hey folks,

I have some older mofo photos for you from earlier this month when my friend Geoff came to town and we hit up B-Well Sushi Cafe. One of the best things about this place is there prices, all the rolls are around 4-6$ including dragon rolls. Mind you they do up all their rolls in smaller pieces, but they list exactly what is and is not vegan on their menu and their sushi pizza is amazing!

Very good place to relax, sip coffee or tea and enjoy some light tasty Japanese food.

I sadly forgot to photography all of the meal so I wound up missing some goods like the adorable and super tasty sushi pizza. But I did manage to get this shot of some rolls, so not all was lost.

They also added some new menu items like iced plum wine and udon bowls which can be made vegan. Mine accidentally came with imitated crab, but everything else was amazing.

It's one of the few places were getting an assortment of vegan style rolls won't break your bank and Edamame is 3$ instead of 5$. I love, love, love Edamame but somehow paying 4$+ turns me off it every time. So I enjoy getting an order or two while I'm here.

They also have wifi so you could get some work done or hang out for longer.

I believe The right is the Yam Tempura and the left is a veggie delight roll with Kanpyo, shitake, cucumber, avocado and possibly some other tasty stuff.

Overall for clear menu marking and pricing, B-well is a great place they also offer soy so you can get Matcha Lattes or amazing ginger tea. Be sure to ask about the lattee mix, one has dry milk but I always forget which.

Sadly their Salad Dressing and Miso Soup are not Vegan,  but Props for writing that on the menu and labelling vegan items as Vegan. The one thing I hate about hitting new or haven't-been-here-in-a-while sushi places is remembering what comes with bonito, what has Dashi/fish stock and whose dressing is mayo based etc. Clear menu labels make B-Well super accessible and their selection goes beyond the simple cucumber roll without breaking the bank.

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