Thursday, October 20, 2011

Veganmofo: Autumn's Seed roastin

Autumn is a great time of year, brilliant colours, bounty harvest of produce and above all Squash, Pumpkin and more Squash.
Veganmofo has been going crazy for pumpkin recipes and it's only fitting. These babies are cheap and boy do they scream fall when you bite into cupcakes, pies, pastries, doughnuts, biscuits, soups, stews, roasts and anything else infused with this orange goodness.

As you will likely be gutting all kinds of these seed filled gems, I figured I do a quick post on how to prep your seeds for roasting and eating.
  1. Gut your squash. Spoon all the stringy seedy mess into a light mess straigher.
  2. Running warm water over the mess, squish with your hands to seperate the seeds form the orange muck.
  3. Remove orange muck into compost and continue rinsing until seeds are clear and clean.
  4. Allow seeds to fully dry.
  5. Pre-heat a cast iron skillet with a light coating of oil.
  6. Add dry seeds and toast over medium high heat 5-10 minutes or until browned. Tossing with seasoning of choice. Splatter guards are your friend!
And Voila! super tasty snack to munch while you wait on the squash/pumpkin.

Seasoning options include
  • coarse sea salt
  • dill and thyme (and salt)
  • Coarse pink and black pepper with salt
  • Chili powder, paprika and garlic salat
  • Cinnamon and sugar, finely ground
  • Cinnamon sugar and cayanne
  • Cajun mix
  • Cumin, Coriander, Salt, ground mustard seed and curry powder
  • Oregano, thyme, sage, poultry spice and vegan-chicken-stock-powder
  • Nooch, salt, paprika and garlic
But don't limit yourself to the list! Try all kinds of combos!
Note: these can also be baked, sans oil at 400 but watch them carefully!

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