Monday, October 24, 2011

Veganmofo; HRM Hidden Gem: Formosa Tea House

If you know me, you have probably heard me take place in Darthmouth Bashing. It happens, the bridge thou shall not cross etc. However, let me tell you about a magical Vegan Heaven that exists across the bridge of doom.

Formosa's Tea House.

This place specializes in Vegetarian Foods, ingredients are listed on the menu so vegan items can be found out. They import all kinds of funky fake meats and their portions are huge for the prices.

Plus they have tea! Lots and lots of tea and other gifts.

Their snack menu contains a million different Vegan Delights, dumplings steamed or fried are my favourite. Mock Ham, Cabbage, Mushrooms, Tofu and all kinds of goodness lurks inside. Plus Vegan Oyster Sauce. Amazing.

They do Wontos, soups and curries. Steam buns of all kinds (many vegan ones like the BBQ Bun and Red Bean).

We had a mini vegan party to celebrate Blake Graduating. I forgot again to take photos, too busy eating Sorry!.

Here's my Vegan Red Curry Mutton with rice (all meals have rice or noodle option).

And the 20 dumpling order we split around the table, this is half way through the feasting is up top.

The owner is adorable and amazingly helpful, our tea is always re-steeped and he does the neat Green Tea Pouring with the ceramic shots and encourages you to try it.

You can also get their meals tax free and frozen to go. And the offer complimentary candies and fresh fruit with your meal! One of my new favourite places.

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