Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tis the Season

For apple crisp!

Old Family recipe, made better with fresh lemon juice. Serve with vegan vanilla ice cream and enjoy.

Inside shot, apples cook into a sauce or soft bake, apple sauce meets apple pie filling

Tart, sweet and perfectly spiced with a delightful topping crunch.

X-mas dinner

A full day of cooking and 5 minutes of face stuffing, followed by a tummy ache.
Apple crisp is baking and I figured I would upload y'all some pictures.


Pre-roasting squash

Stuffing, dried bread, peppers, onions, celery and seasoning.

Asparagi and fresh garlic, with squeezed lemon

Apple Crisp, crust. Rolled oats, brown sugar, WW flour, EB, and spice, recipe latter.

The shack offers a unique set of cooking issues, namely a lack of space. The kitchen is incredibly small and lacking is space, but we made it work. Here's half, the final cooking batches in full steam.

I also roasted the seed with some spice, from the butternut squash. Not sure if your supposed to eat those seeds, but they taste fine.


Fresh lemon and garlic, amazing

Squash, yum.

Carmalized goodness.


Finished plate, side bowl of mashed taters


Tofurky sliced and peppered:

Family stuffing recipe, topped with tofurky gravy

Scooped and gutted squash:

Dog's meal:

Bonus x-mas sweater and dog:

Mistakes happen, part 1

Worst part about not being able to find that giant bag of cinnamon your need for your apple crisp, is thinking you've found it when really you found a giant bag of crushed chillies. And I mean powderised chillies. Basically my moral of the story is, no matter how confident you are about your bag of mystery spice take a small wiff. Not a big one.

Trust me.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Pancake Massacre: I give you Oreo Pan Cakes Extreme

These are my babies and will rot your teeth in seconds. I made it on a whim today when Geoff and Ian where on there way (to unknowingly do dishes). These are ultra sugar and majorly extreme rush way to start the morning, they most certainly are not good for you. The are however high in protein and cooked in cast iron (counts for something don't it?)

The filling goodies:

  • Two rows of organic Oreo cookies, crushed up
  • Few handfuls of chocolate chips
  • Slivered almonds crushed and mixed in a bowl with the above.

Now I'm going to come right out and say it, I suck at pancakes. And by that I massacre them. I probably couldn't flip a proper pancake to save my life or anyone elses', so in advance ignore the trauma these poor cakes have suffered.

Cooking batter

I give you every late sleeping, sugar craving, vegan teenagers dream (consult your dentist before consumption). Just a heads up this recipe was made based off (i.e. pretty much the same with some tweaking) Isa's Chocolate-Chocolate chip Pancakes form VWAV (GO BUY IT!)

What you need:
2 cup , 4 table spoons whole wheat all purpose flour (makes em better for you, and darker)
4 tsp Baking Powder
Dash of sea salt (actually this doesn't need to be there, so leave it out if your savy to the evils of sodium)
2/3 cup water
2 cups soymilk
6 table spoons of maple syrup
Large splash of Vanilla
Bowl o'goodies (seen above)
Splash of oil

Mix (sift if you into that kinda thing) the dry flour, powder, salt. Make your well and poor in all your wet. Combine and then dump in those goodies (Warning these cakes are more goodies than cakes and chunky, reduce goods if your feeling fluffy).

Heat your cast iron with some oil and hope your better at cooking pancakes than I am.

Serve with chopped nuts, chopped fruit, Earth balance, maple syrup and Vegan Ice cream!
These are amazingly sweet, chewy and oh soo good and deadly. I suggest having plenty of water to go with them and serve them up to a group.

These Broke apart insanely when I first tried them, so they come with a learning curve. However any unfinished/crumbly pancakes would be amazing in homemade ice cream. Had I any leftovers this is where they would go, enjoy!

Bonus: Nerds in the kitchen, I give you my DMs.