Monday, October 10, 2011

Veganmofo: Spotlight on Tea

Next up on Veganmofo is a highlight on Tea! Yes lovely tasty tea. With the our awesome local selection at World Tea House, I could feasibly be showcasing a different tea for years to come!

Today's tea is their Welcome Blend which is a soothing chamomile/herbal blend  made to relax and ease ones tensions. This refreshing blend of Organic Chamomile, Rosehips, Lavender, Roses, and Pink Peppercorn. Brews a floral cup with a thin liquor and a sweet and spicy character. It is very, very floral and light.

Since I haven't been feeling 110% I decided to grab a second selection, the tea is smooth and lightly flavoured. No caffeine so it isn't my go-to tea, but whenever I'm feeling a bit under the weather my first thought is TEA! And since I have terrible cankers, I figured a soothing stress free blend would help.

 Plus everything taste better in a fancy tea pot.

Not only does World Tea House have 100+ variety's, custom blends, tea-ciders, tea-lattes, tea-hot-chocolates and amazing stuff! They really know their tea, Phil the owner goes actually travels to the tea farms himself so everything is ethically sourced. You can get tea brewed hot or cold or to take it home (tax free! woo!).

I've learned soo much about tea since going there, so it's really an amazing place to order, no artificial sweetener or flavours. Organic and fair sourced whenever possible their selection is fantastic. Enough plugging, check out their site or facebook menu.

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