Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sorry for all the neglect!

I know, I know another cheap "please forgive me internet" post. Work has been fucked up and I'm normally to tired to cook/eat let alone blog. Needless to say eating has been less than exciting or blog worthy.

So as per my usual apology here is some food porn pictures.

Old porn:

As if there were not enough reasons to miss a place like Farm Sanctuary (god how I miss it all). Watkins Glenn has surprisingly moved on with the times in some respects and has a few delightful vegan offerings, like this lunch combo grabbed one day with the lovely Volunteer Elizabeth (miss you darling <3).

Sundried Tomato Seitan hero with couscous salad

And a cinna-heart for desert!

A household favorite and the one salad I will regularly eat, Pasta Salad.

This pretty much sums up my summer so far, er well my summer when I have time off work. Vegan Nachos and Left 4 Dead zombie killing with ppkers. Blissfull.

And now a real photo because the previous one sucked.

Blast from the past tacos, with awful lighting.

A classic, banana bread.

And just one more reason to love the city of halifax. Misato's Vegan Dragon Roll. I have dreams about this puppy.