Thursday, September 20, 2007

Halifax Dorm life Food Review, A Vegan's View #3

Ok I'm skipping around a bit, but I had to review this place.

Darrel's Burger place
Sounds like the anti vegan right? Wrong. They carry veggie burgers (without eggs/milk and they were great about answering ingredient questions) and will sub them into any of their burger offerings :3. Small friendly atmosphere, joking and friendly servers (my god, I loved our server so funny), they have a sports bar downstairs and patio seating.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention their claim to fame THE PEANUT BUTTER BURGER. That's right they put PB onto burgers. Sounds odd, maybe a little yucky? It's not. MY GOD. So good. It rocks socks off, seriously. The burger is on ww buns, toasted, with relish,ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, burger(veggie!!), and of course PB.

The pb added great flavour, salty sweetness with the nice greasy burger and crisp lettuce. So good. Make sure you opt out of the bacon, cheese and mayo which normally follows. The pb wasn't too sweet, but really makes this burger.

It was great, I also got a large virgin lime margarita (very very large) and oh so sour, tart and yummy. Also my burger came with darrel fries potato wedges with some lovely spicing.

All around amazing, go try this burger wonder.
(Seriously a vegan friendly burger joint, why aren't you here yet?)

Good food porn

Halifax Dorm life Food Review, A Vegan's View

Pizza Town Halifax

Yay! More vegan crust! Ok, so Pizza Town Halifax is open until 1 or 2am, which is great. They also deliver and were great about answering questions involving their cooking methods/ingredients. Delivery was timely, pricing was fair enough.
I got a veggie pizza sans olives and sans cheese, bonus it comes with pineapple!
Compared to freeman's this was a real treat, the sauce was even, ingredients tasted fresh and great. The crust was also good, I'm sure they will be getting more phone calls from us, decent pizza fair prices. The only downside, spicy fries while they had great a spice but the fries were kinda soft and a little gross.

Over all when everyone else is closed, it's worth the call when you get that midnight craving.

Satisfied vegan tummy

Halifax-Dorm life Food review 1~A Vegan's View~

Ok, so neglected little blog heres something new.
Halifax take out review, a vegan's view.

Late Night take out with delivery open till 5am and they accept dal card.
Freeman's little new york.

Well it may sound like a good deal, and I give them major props for having vegan crusts, it simply wasn't that good.
The crust was fine, I order a Manhattan without cheese... which had broccoli, I found that odd but figured what the heck.
The broccoli wasn't cooked, the sauce consisted of thick spiced tomato paste. It was think and glopped on unevenly. The sauce just was distributed at all, there were mountains of sauce in some places and no sauce at all in other. We really weren't impressed and ended up throwing out most of the food, which i hate doing.

I'd rather go hungry
-2/10 V.V

Monday, September 3, 2007

Rez Life Day 1

Well I now live @ Dalhousie, in Rez which means no kitchen coz I am poor. I do have a fridge though! and unlimited food from the cafe.
They even have a vegan station, but so far it doesn't seem to amaze.
I think there were actually slices of cold, raw tofu there :shudders:.
They did have a nice chickpea, spinach tomatoe "casserole", i use the "" because it was called casserole but was more like a soup. Good and there all day.... year variete not much, there seems to be one hot vegan meal (and maybe a soup, it seemed empty today thought) and it's served all day...
There are also fries, plain white rice, plain brown rice, some Spanish rice (vegan ? didn't ask& did eat), cold rice salad, chopped veggies and fruit. Assorted cereals and soy milks/rice milks
But I am going to be missing my kitchen like crazy.. so if you want someone to make you vegan food in your kitchen and your in halifax, call me!
Here are some bad web cam photos of my room set up food wise.
My desk overwhelmed with some of my cookbook collection.

My closet, you can see my cooking "self", well kinda see it. Tupper wear, apron, oven mitt, chop sticks, cutting boards, spatulas, measuring cups, spoons, brushes etc

Again in the closet, you can see my giant fridge (4.3 cube feet!! with veggie crisper and freezer), on top of the fridge you can see my assortment (read small mountain) of dry/caned food and spices. Seriously this shit it wedged between my desk there is nooo room at all.
I also have a rice cooker but I am to lazy to try and take another pic with my laptop, cause it akward. I promise to unpack my camera and take some bad quality photos with well a camera.