Wednesday, October 5, 2011

VeganMofo: Cheap Eats, Recycle your leftovers!

Making a large batch of foods definitely saves you on two major resources time and power. But sometimes eating the same thing for weeks (especially if you live alone, and you wind up with even more meals/portions) makes your stomach turn, or heck you get bored with whatever it was.

This is where leftover recycling comes in, a concept I first hear about from the amazing Cheap Vegan Guru Stephanie (author of the Cheap Vegan series of Zines).


Leftover recycling allows you to enjoy one meal for a variety of days in different ways and helps strench out your food and time budgets. 
This meal was a combo of leftovers from earlier in the week. I had made the AFR Not-refried beans earlier in the week, some leftover kidney beans from when I cooked up a lbs of them to make the beans + in sauce, plus some chick-in brown rice (brown rice cooked in vegan chick-n stock from bulk barn), steamed carrots from a meal I cooked for the boy and I and the crumbs of Kale chips.

The beans were used with chips originally, rice was a side for some meal same with carrots. So tonight's meal was essentially a bowl. Rice topped with the re-fried bean, kidney beans in sauce, kale chips, steamed carrots topped with some cock-sauce, salsa and Daiya.
 The result was a nice creamy dish that doesn't photograph well but tastes great. Alternatively, it would also be great in a wrap as a burrito. MMM burritos.
So there it is, recycling your leftovers one simple way. Stay tuned for more examples, because this made more than I could eat!


Fanny said...

I really should try to cook up some various stuff on Sundays that would be easy to combine during the week ahead. This post kicked my ass and now I might do it for next week! Love your blog btw!

B.A.D. said...

Thanks! I've been slacking on cooking things up in advance but I try and make up for it by cooking a ton of something whenever I do get around to cooking.

Love said...

I think that looks delicious! I love combining leftovers, having a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and even though I would never think of combining them otherwise, it most often turn out awesome together. Ah, the magic of leftovers.

Lauren said...

I love the idea of reusing leftovers - eating the same thing does tend to get boring, so it is nice to reimagine these dishes in new ways! :)

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

This is greatness.