Friday, August 24, 2007

As promised recipes!

B.A.D. 044
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Ok so here's a quick and easy stuffed pepper recipe to make when you really, really need groceries!
Here it is:
Box of wild rice with herbs
Assorted pepers
small onion
some mushrooms or other veggies you have around

Cook the rice according to the package directions, and fry your onion and veggies. Wash and cut the peppers in half, remove piths and seeds. Once rice is done toss with fried veggies and stuff into peppers than bake in a pre-heated 350 and bake until rice crisps on top and pepper skin blemishes.

And you're done!

These are also great the next day for lunch, good hot or room temp.

When bad people happen to good muffins....

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Well the plus side of my shack is that is comes with amazing blueberries that grow wilded in the back.
And I decided to make muffins with them, but lack groceries and supplies I was unable to make Isa's blueberry corn muffins so I opted for a recipe in a new book I got: The little Vegan Monsters' cookbook.
After the batter was shorta mixed, Gwyn showed up and needed to take me away, so I poured in the batter and got my family to watch them.
Not entirely sure what I did wrong, maybe the measuring or not enough/too much mixing, or my family forgot about them, but they didn't rise and were kinda hard and lumpy.
Not very good, and I'm still trying to eating them, I'll try the recipe again later on and do it properly just to be sure it was me and not the recipe.

On the plus side the lovely berries!

Monday, August 13, 2007


I have them, someday my PC will work and i will fix this place up.

Today I have 6$ my mother gave me and pizza from last week.
I didn't sleep and was late for work.

The pizza was good when it was made, to lazy to describe it now, not as good as food porn anyways.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


I've been cooking alot, but my new house* doesn't have internet, my camera is full of gathering photos AND the PC is being serviced. AHH, the universe.

Anway here's a short run down of my meal post gathering:

corn on the cob
roast veggies (recipe to follow)
baked beans in tomatoe sauce, spiced up to loveliness
wild rice via rice cooker
3am chocolate lazy ass cake (again with the recipes)

* Read shack.

Roast Veggies à la no groceries
5 potatoes, washed not peeled
4 carrots ( baby carrots if you're desperate) again washy, no peely
1 onion
4 and half mushrooms (button style)
a handfull of frozen bussel sprouts
too much olive oil
really old garlic, that should have been thrown out.
Spices ( I'll try to remeber)

wash and chop everything, toss some oil in the baking pan then toss veggies+garlic.

Add more oil and shake, now comes the fun part add yer spices.
It's all fair game here, except salt I would hold off on all salt until after the baking, roots (potatoes being prime offenders) suck up salt, so you have no salty taste and all the salty related death, not cool.
SPices general rosemerry, fresh pepper, cayenne, Paprika(lots), taragone and anything else that looks good, powdered garlic if that's your thing etc.

toss pan into 400 oven, shake every 20 minutes till done.

3Am sugar rush cake
First, it needs to be 3am and you need to be in need of a sugar fix.. and without measuring utensils because you're really only half moved.
Now grad some diet pepsi and a box of deep chocolate duncain heins mix (check for milk etc).
open packaged and dump into bowl.
eyeball/assume what 10oz oz pepsi looks like, or poor until things look wet.
grease cake pan that has seen better days and poor in batter.
bake according to box, then longer because your new oven sucks.
While cake bakes combine room temp Earth Balance, big spoon of cocoa, too much icing sugar and a splash of chocolate silk. Then more sugar, mix/whip until it's a little runny then pop into freezer. One cake is nearly done take icing out and stir until resembles icing again. Don't wait for the cake to cool, ice anyways.
Then leave out all night and eat the next day at work with omnivores who will ask for seconds and thirds.
No word of a lie, tastes like a doughnut. Melted icing and all, yum.