Thursday, October 25, 2012

Veganmofo: I spy... Chickpeas!

I've been thinking alot about the simple art of easy eating. Which although they can be the most rewarding meals, they are often the least blogged and least shared.. but why not? They are fantastic and honestly when writting your thesis or facing deadlines they can be a live saver.

Writing them down or holding onto the links help my frazzled brain remember the things you always plan to make that seem too easy to even exist. They've been popping up on all my Mofo feed readers so I'm gonna pass some of them along you to.
Click the photos to jump through to the original blog posts!

Tuxedo Cat's Chickpea Cumber Salad
Why Yes I do Eat Potatoes: Simple Salad
Or their Falafel
Cake Makers to the Stars- Kittee's Pudla

Plant Powered -Pumpkin Chickpea Curry

 Joyful Girl: chickpea Avacado sandwich

 Snarky Chickpea- Pot Pie!


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