Monday, October 1, 2012

Veganmofo: Halifax Eats Again!

It's been a while since I've done something for this series because well sometimes I get lazy and stick with what's tried and true. Which makes for some boring reading.

There's a new Sushi Place on Quinpool Road in Halifax. It's busy, hurried, service seems over whelmed but they offer a veggie platter with more than just the basic cucumber, avocado and asparagus rolls. Finally a cheap platter with some flavour! Wasabi House offers a unique spin to the Halifax sushi market. With it's fancy decor and experiments with fruit and other interesting combos.

Starting with a salad, japanese salads are perhaps one of my favour despite not being a salad vegan.

Nice refreshing bust of citrus, less gingery than the usual. Unexpected but nice.
Another appetizing favorite tempura! Which really, you can never go wrong with, but the combo of thin sliced squash and other unexpected additions made it an interesting addition to Halifax's tempura offerings. I liked the different textures Wasabi's offering had with the various cuts and adding some variety to the mix.
 Next up was one of the veggie combos, because I always love the savings of a platter but hate the lack luster selection. Now for the really good stuff (which I sadly didn't get to photograph before consuming) I'm talking Yam Tempura roll, Mango jalapeno, banana avocado just to name a few. All of which are outstanding, I mean mango explosion of flavour.

Their yam rolls were small but flavourful with a nice blend of sweet and crispy.
They offer two different veggie combos which can be made vegan (ask for no mayo) I went with the one which offered some selection (the other combo offers tempura tho, so it's a real winner). Here I have Inari; Shitake; Oshinko; shredded cucumber; Avacado Nigiri and classic Cappacado 6 piece for 11.95$
The combos come with Miso and the Salad. Salad is vegan (yay!) but the miso is not, so the great hunt for vegan miso in HRM continues.
It's not often we get Nigiri style vegan options in the city. So that alone was a bit of a treat, something about the tiny rice packets with straps. I love that the combos come with non pink ginger, usual wasabi and fresh lemon! Unusual yes, but man does it ever spark up the rolls. Oshinko was tough but taste, traditional Japanese pickles aren't always present in our offerings.

Their pricing is mid range for Halifax and they always seem busy, so take out might be the better option if you don't want to wait. For their mango and banana rolls I say they are worth the visit. They seem to have a lunch menu which might help cut costs or go group style and share a few key plates. Their menu boasts a whole veggie section and a few tofu entrees so I think a few more visits are in order.

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