Monday, October 22, 2012

Veganmofo: I've been busy

Feels like I am missing out on most of the magic that is mofo. But I guess the good news is I will have an overwhelming blog roll to check out soon enough right?

Highlight to x-mas vacation maybe, I'm hoping to keep the mofo-magic going by continueing to work on my draft posts and keep cooking and blogging. Because let's face it, I've kinda fallen into a lull.

Sometimes when we all get stressed out or busy it's easy to stop cooking, or eating, grabbing the occasional take out or eating out becomes the band-aid solution or frozen pizzas, and let's face it no one wins there.

It's not sustainable on my budget, or it is but thats a good 100+$ in the long run that could have gone towards student loan. So it's time to pull up the boot straps.

How to get yourself motivated when your so busy? For me it's been grabbing some pumpkins from the market. One or two 2 am cooking marathons brings back the ease, the desire and the motions a bit of prep in the morning here, a stop to the store there, sure it might take a few days but 10 mins a day leads to a home cooked meal somewhere right?

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