Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Veganmofo: Staples: Zuchini pickles

We're back with another Vegan Mofo Staples edition.

This one comes from a family friend who is always pickling, canning and generally whipping up a home cooked storm. These are those friends who always seem to put you to shame, the ones who whip out homemade dips and crackers for every card game and always seem to eat waffles for breakfast.

Yup, they're those kinda friends. But recently some of their good cheer has rubbed off and they gifted my mother (who in turn bestowed upon me) this simply brilliant insight.

Pickled Zuchini.

These are no Ordinary Pickles.

You know those plants that just keep growing and no matter what you do there is always more zucchini then any one person could ever hope to consume. Well their garden overflowed as usual, so they took those suckers and pickled them like cucumbers, the result is a slightly softer yet still crisp pickle. Pretty smart no?

These particular pickles were a cross over between bread and butter with a kick of dill. We served them with thanksgiving dinner, but they'd be good all over.

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