Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Veganmofo: YRR Mission Continues: Cajun Crusted Tofu

 One of those cookbooks you keep coming back to paired with one of those recipes you always wanted to make but somehow never got around to it.

Yellow Rose Recipe's Cajun Crusted Tofu has been tempting me since it's testing days.

So when I defrosted some homemade tofu and thought, what am I gonna do 2 lbs of tofu YRR had the answer.

First came the Cajun spice, which let me tell you is worth the cover price alone. These were cripy, chewing bundles of delight.

Diner was pretty simple, wild rice, steam carrots/broccoli, Garlic braised cabbage, YRR Cajun Tofu and some amazing Mustard Chow from the Market.
Braised cabbage!

Crispy tofu slices

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