Sunday, October 18, 2009

Veganmofo: Weekend Edition! Farmer's Market (Photo heavy)

Hey guys,

sorry for the delay in posts, my friend Katie and I went to the farmer's market in downtown Halifax. Our market is currently being held in the old Keith's Brewery, a older cozy labyrinth of tunnels, floors and boths of farm fresh goodies and local crafts!

There is so much to see and do, traffic (of other people that is) is a bit of an issue, but with their new space down the road they will have event more floors and a much more open space. So although I will miss the charm and maze of the keith's brewery the extra elbow room and being open 4 days a week will be a welcome change.

Let's get started!

Market Atrium

The Market Attrium various fresh produce tables, an apple cider and apples section and two bakers! The mushroom guy no longer seems to be active, but in his place there were some fine produce vendors who made jams, salsas and more!

Ye old market

The Atrium is by far the roomiest portion of the market tour so be sure to savour your personal space while you still can before moving on to the downward winding stair case, or through the various arches, into the craft hallways or back up the stairs for level two and three.

This Market trip not only did I visit Happy Hippie Granola, but I found another granola enthusiast who did all kinds of gluten free mixes, yum!
Happy hippie Granola!

Here is a shot of one of the craft tunnels, there is a great word working guy who has amazing Atlantic products. Beautiful, beautiful work.

in the back of this photo you can see the atrium.
More crafts
More crafts!

I was so tempted by the prospect of fresh garden herbs, but I feared the little guys wouldn't survive the canvas bag and the hike home. So for another day.

This is one of the many apple and cider booths. You can get samples, buy a glass, a liter or two or the gallon sizes. MMMM
Katie getting her cider on.

Cider is what fall is all about.
Apple cinder stand #1

Vendors in action


onions and shallots
Onions and shallots

For some reason there were some beautiful cherry tomatoes, I missed another shot of tiny yellow and red ones in baskets.
Cherry tomatoes!
so cute

Broccoli and flowers (i think?)

I have a few action shots of consumers grabbing some taters
potatoe bin

Carrots! Just be sure to ask them not to snap off the greens before hand if you want to keep them.
more carrots, further along there were vendors of rainbow carrots but I ran out of card space
More Carrots!

Autumn produce, look at the kale!!!
Veggie Stand

Plus local artist are always hiding in the corridors providing a great atmosphere (photo is awful, sorry)

I also came across an amazing new addition. RAW CHOCOLATE! Cocaonibs, pure cocoa, vegan hand made chocolates and raw fudge (with coconut oil or without) So creamy and SAMPLES!
Raw chocolate!

The basement has sweet shops, glass art, wines, jams, soaps and the lovely atlantic hemp. with hemp seed samples
Atlantic hemp!

Second/main floor 2 (the building is on a hill, so depending on which side your on this is the main or second floor)

Now between staff of life vegan cinnamon apple rolls or their chocolate cinnamon apple rolls fresh with coffee and tea and this Indian stand it really doesn't matter where else I go. I normally get a chickpea roll (but there are many vegan options, I am just a roll sucker) and they come with lovely side salads.
Indian delights!

Indian stand

More produce!

Mount Beet

Apple empire
Apple Empire
Family Produce stand

1$ each for these bad boys! Plus the closer it is to closing the cheaper things get. So if you can risk the time limit, go near close and get 7-9 for the price of 1.

I also noticed this new addition, so great!

My good friend katie chowing down her vegan cinna-bun

So if your a hungry vegan warrior, get yourself to your local market. Know your farmers, their practises and get yourself some quality produce. Maybe even some good deals.

Bonus: when I got home and de-stalked the Brussels party stole the stalk and ran around with it all day.




Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous post. Your farmer's market looks awesome!

Martina McKinnon said...

I just stumbled upon your blog searching halifax vegans, and I go to the farmers market in Halifax every saturday BUT how in the world did I miss these vegan cinnamon rolls? Tell me where I have missed this... I want in.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, which is fantastic by the way. And me and my little vegan Fam go to this market every saturday morning and HOW oh HOW did I miss these Vegan cinnamon rolls... tell me!

B.A.D. said...

it is near the lavender and coffee shop, the bakery there has fresh cinnamon rolls.

Anonymous said...

So sorry i posted twice.... silly me.... I am on the hunt