Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vegamofo: The Failed cheesecake

presenting the makings of a failed cheese cake:
The makings of a failed vegan cheesecake

Sometimes things don't always turn out right, case in point: The technocoloured cheesecake that wasn't. I decided to wing making a vegan cheesecake (having only ever made one before) and the result was more like a technocoloured cream pie.

Tasty enough, but unpleasant to behold. Just for fun here are a few of the video makings.

My friend Katie had the great idea to make a neat multi-coloured cheesecake with food dye. Sadly, it didn't quite turn out, next time around I think I will make two different coloured fillings and pour them in the pie shell together.
Failed coloured cheesecake
Instead of trying to great a marble of colour by adding drops of food die to a pre-existing filling.

The important thing with kitchen mishaps it to laugh it off and get back to cookings. Things don't always turn out right, but even when they don't it is not the end of the world. So chin up, aprons on and get cooking!

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