Friday, October 23, 2009

Veganmofo: Student's best friend, the leftovers

Here is a just quick follow up post because I posted yesterday's entry today (oops) which has put me a little behind. Anyway, to follow up on the vegan student's chili I got some handy advice from the ppk on the many applications of leftover chili.

Poor Student's Chilli Noodles

Today I went with the chili spaghetti!Just use your chili in the place of sauce, great for a quick meal and good use of leftover chili (using yesterday's recipe).

Heat your chili (I added some extra garlic and basil to mine as it cooked), cook your noddles and if desired add some vegan cheese/nooch.

Voila! chilli noodle bowls.

After some coffee and a few bowls of this your ready to get back to the books for midterms.
Plus if you are even more strapped for time, and microwave friendly. Zap your noddles in water add your sauce and zap some more until heated through.


Lisa Marie said...

Now that looks good!

kelly g. said...

What a yummy idea!

Btw, love the blog's blurb (motto? tag line? whatever!) ;)

Warrior Two said...

Wow! That puts me in mind of a favorite childhood comfort food, Hamburger Helper! I haven't thought of it in ages, but I would love to veganize it. There was a spiced tomato sauce with a sweetness to it (and probably loads of MSG). Gotta start working on that.

Sophie said...

Hey, how about cup noodles?
I found many different flavors here