Sunday, October 11, 2009


Here is the sole reason I have missed two posts, vegan thanksgiving 2009. Our new cluttered apartment and ten guests. I think we were able to show this holiday who's boss. As a result the past two days were spent cooking, shopping, and cleaning. Which left very little positing time.

Stove hard at work

The Glorious Choas:
Oven pulling triple duty

Once again, I apologize for the horrible lighting in our kitchen, but let us begin.

The first table spread:
Table Spread

And the second serving station
Secondary table spread

We started the day before as our oven has limited space, and wound up sending multiple dishes to cook at friend's houses. But it all came together in the end.

Night before AM prep, we watched the Buffy thanksgiving episode and peeled, washed, prepend, simmers and stewed. It was magic.

Night before, Second fridge plugged into hold overflow of preped dishes

We even had to plug in our mini fridge to hold all the prepped food, it is now holding all the left overs.

Made the night before were:
Broccoli Potato soup -Vcon
Mom's Apple Crisp-Recipe to follow
Prepped potatoes (homegrown!) for mashed potatoes
Prepped carrots, roasted with olive oil, sage, thyme, pepper, fresh rosemarry, paprika, cumin etc
Baked four loaves of bread (family recipe to come)
Made stuffing from said bread (family recipe to come)
Lemon Herb roasted potatoes-Vcon marinaded over night
Portabello's Marinaded in broth, sherry, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and spices

Seitan Roast

The next day, we sent all the potatoes to katie to cook along with carrots and squash (olive oil, maple syrup, cayenne, nutmeg, cumin, corriander, sage, rosemarry). Asparagus (semame style from VWAV only roasted and with balsamic vinegar instead of mirin) and sweet potatoes went to Blake, who also made amazing pumpkin pie and pumpkin shortbread.

Blake's Pie
Blake's pie

Lemon potatoes:Lemon herb potatoes

Carrots: Carrots

Garlic tatter mound
potato Mound

Asparagus with sesame
Sesame Roasted Asparagus

In the morning we headed to the farmers market to get rolls and last minute produce, or produce not grown at Adam's Dad's farm.We also picked up some lovely fancy spiced almonds for the table and some homemade butter-pickles to go with the lovely jar of beets adam's dad's wife made.


First thing prepped, tofurky and a pile of veggies to cook for 4 hours i also added chopped parsnips and x4 the marinade. It went into the oven.


The squash was prepped and sent out to bake else ware along with the asparagus and sweet potato fries (VWAV).

There was vegan green bean casserole, which was gone in a matter of seconds!
Casserole, Vegan Green Bean
VEgan Green Bean Casserol

I also reserved half the squash for stuffing with Bryanna's wild rice and mushroom stuffing (I added walnuts, so good!).
Roasted and stuffed squash

Wild Rice and mushrooms stuffing cooking:
Wild rice and mushroom stuffing

I also used some of the stuffing to stuff the roasted marinaded mushrooms:Stuffed and roasted portabellos

I also made Everydaydish's holiday roast and tried the puff pastry addition for the first time. Although as I had a giant amount of stuffing underneath it and was adding vegetable broth to keep the stuffing moist it didn't work so well. But other people liked it.
Seitan Roast

Punk Rock chickpea Gravy (VWAV) finished off the whole table nicely and my friend oliver brought kale and tahini sauce (VWAV).

My overgenerous plate
Plate of plenty

Plate x2

And the Blur-tastic desserts
Desert plate, sadly the best shot

And here are photos of everyone enjoying the festivities!

The feeding begins!

Secondary Table spread
dinning coffee table

And post-food-consumption, everyone ready to explode.

Brad and Blake



Adam feeding Party his share of the feast, after I had cooked him special sweet potato and squash.

Adam feeding Party his share of the feast

including Party
party is also full

And now, my friends I am off to rest.

My special helpers!


michelle said...

Wow, what a FEAST! Seriously, good job!

YarnKitten said...

I miss you so much. I had better have some time to see you while I'm down there. I'm going to be staying at the Lord Nelson hotel, I guess. I think the first night we get in, there's shopping at the MicMac Mall, too, so if you wanted to meet up ...

kittee said...

this is a crazy spread, you must be full on exhausted!


KatieG. said...

garlic tater mound... ha... just made my night.
But seriously though... the best meal I have ever eaten at Thanksgiving. No questions asked. So friggin' impressive.

Jeni Treehugger said...

So much dlicious food! It all looks soooo amazing, what a feast indeed.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You totally outdid yourself! What an inspiration!


Warrior Two said...

Which green bean casserole recipe did you use?

B.A.D. said...

I used the green bean casserole from peta's recipe site.