Monday, October 5, 2009

Veganmofo: Halifax Eats: Minato's

Greetings Mofo'ers.

Tonights dinner experience is courtesy of Minato's Sushi, one of the greatest places to eat in Halifax.

Minato Sushi Japanese Restaurant
520 Queen Street
Halifax, NS B3J 2H8
(902) 420-0331

Sadly I forgot my camera so I was unable to photograph the restaurant, but I do have some older photos of all the veggie goodness. Minato's is a charming little resturant tucked in by a thrift store and used book shop in downtown halifax. The decor is traditional chique and the food is outstanding!


They have a variety of vegan/vegetarian options outside of the usual sushi bar offerings, all of which are outstanding. Their new menu also includes which items are made with Bonito (nasty fish flakes!), making them easier to avoid. Sadly their miso soup is not vegan, but they offer other Korean and Japanese treats.

The best of which is their Veggie Dragon Maki roll, if you only order one item, let it be this. It is outstanding! A must eat in Halifax. Crisp hot tempura sweet potato, wrapped in Nori and sushi rice topped with glorious avocado slices and coated in a sweet and savory sauce. We order it everytime we go.
Green tea and roasted rice tea served in traditional pots for the table or warm sake really hit the spot.


They have other vegan options ranging from vegetable tempura, gyōza, tofu in ponzu sauce, korean dumplings and many others. I strongly suggest you check it out.


YarnKitten said...

You suck because you cannot try the awesome that is green tea mochi. You should look for vegan options of this. It is god and sex in your mouth. All at once.

B.A.D. said...

I should veganize that...

manuel addams said...

omg, the bald guy is super hot. is he straight?

B.A.D. said...

No, he is not straight.

Anonymous said...

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