Saturday, September 12, 2015

VeganMofo 2015! A Lazy Food Bloggers Journey

Hey Folks,

Welcome back to Vegan Month of Food 2015! A lot has changed since my last posts, best of all I have started working in a Vegan Resturant Kitchen here in Halifax (EXCITED). You can check out my new work place Wild Leek in Halifax on Windsor st or on social media or our website

In bonus news just as VEGANMOFO began our fridge broke, so we've been without one for a week or so and are just now finding out our landlords have bought a new one (which won't arrive until Tuesday, sadness). Basically, what this all means is I am likely going to keep my posts short, and they will likely be on social media for a few days before I get a chance to move them over here.

And on the weekends, they will likely be posts about my work!

 This wasn't the first time I'd made cupcakes at work, but this was my first shot making them by myself and icing them, anyone who has seen my dessert food porn or this blog knows decorating isn't my forte. But I think these guys turned out pretty great, they are our basic vegan vanilla cupcakes with a chocolate mint icing and vegan mint candies that I painstakingly sliced into thinner translucent slices for magic.

 Daily special was a brilliant 'spicy' tomato chickpea soup, which I ate for lunch with the pakora burger! So good a few regulars asked us to place it on the menu. I added raw jalapenos to both my sandwich and soup and it was amazing.

The pakora burger was topped with our vegan house mayo, a ginger date chutney, bitter lettuce greens and cucumber. Great mixture of sweet, savory, crispy and creamy. We used an assortment of veggies in the pakora (cauliflower, spinach, onion, carrot, etc)

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