Monday, September 14, 2015

Veganmofo15: #14 share something vegan with non vegans~!

Today's theme seems a little bit cheap, because I live with non vegan housemates who eat vegan most of the time at home so really all I did yesterday was make dinner while they mouse proofed our pantry.

We had a lonely squash of mysterious origin and a lone sweet potato, so I decided to put both into the oven while the housemates went to Canadian tire. I was debating between making Yellow Rose Recipes butter nut squash (with a few adjustments due to my roommates terrible diet restrictions which prohibit 90% of food stuffs**) or doing a Veggie Mac-n-Cheese with blended veggies for the sauce.

Obviously, I opted for lasagna and made a few adjustments: Namely replaced butternut squash with the small mystery squash and sweet potato (hoping that by blending it into a sauce it would reduce the amount my roommate consumed within safe levels, and it did!). I left out all the garlic and onion, although I did sneak some onion salt into the filling again not much to avoid potentially murdering my roommate. Defrosted some tofu and diaya cheese.

All in all it turned out pretty good considering! Everyone enjoyed it and no one died eating it. The squash had a more subtle flavour and next time I think I'll up the salt as we were missing many of the glorious flavours this dish usually has. But it was rich, creamy, subtly flavoured and pretty good for you.

I added vegan parm to my slice!

***I forget what it is she cannot have but it basically means she cannot have mushrooms, onions, garlic or anything related to either garlic or onions. And crazy restrictive amounts of  things like sweet potatoes, avocados, beets and very few greens. It is pretty terrible, but we are on the hunt for Asafoetida which she can eat and mimics the garlic/onion flavour well.

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