Sunday, September 13, 2015

Veganmofo15: Show us your kitchen!

As renters, our kitchen isn't always the greatest but we often make due with limited kitchen space by moving into other rooms. Below you can see the pegboard and appliance shelf which add extra storage for kitchen gadgets in easy reach.

Our fridge is actually broken, so we have an army of coolers while we wait for the landlords to replace it. By our dry goods and muli-level pantry really brings it home for day to day cooking.


Emma Timson said...

I love all your jars! I need to get more. I sympathise with the renting aspect, my landlord doesn't even let me put nails in the wall so I can't hang anything! But you gotta make the most :)

B.A.D. said...

Thanks! I really love storing stuff in Jars, so I was super excited to see when my roommate brought home even more. Landlords are tough, thankfully ours didn't mind about nails or modifications, they actually really dig the pegboard, they had a few Ikea bars before so this just gives more space.