Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Veganmofo15: #15/day 15 : to feed a president

So being Canadian, it is possible this challenge isn't as daunting as those USA bloggers. But I feel like Barack could get down with some veganized souther cooking, which is great because if he was nosing around that is what my roommate and I whipped up last night!
Jae made some Vegan Ribz from EverydayDish TV. With a basic BBQ sauce he googled, tomato paste, liquid smoke, sugar, and minimal spice (I rebasted my ribz and likely Mr. Obama's ribz with some good old hot sauce to add zip!).

To go with our ribs we whipped some potatoes WITH SKIN with some of our homemade coconut butter and almond milk. Jae also decided to add more carbs with some baking soda biscuits, a basic quick bread we cut using tall glasses and baked while the ribz cooked.

I sauted some frozen kale, carrot, corn and onion for the side with some simple herbs and more homemade vegan butter to add some greens. But for our other roommate with the diet restrictions we boiled some regular old green peas.

We paired the potatoes and biscuits with a white southern style gravy from Hot Damn & Hell Yeah.Dirty South Cookbook Zine my Roommates both love this zine, which is nice because I've owned it and drooled over it for years without making much. This gravy is great, click the link to find out where you can get your own. I guess I likely would have ordered an additional copy for the President to take home to Michelle (Seriously, why is Michelle not at this dinner? Or in this hypothetical, she is obviously the cooler half of this couple).

Since this dinner goes together so quick, I also made a giant batch of Yellow Rose Recipes couscous and chickpea salad for lunches this week. Which worked out great because I had a spare rib (puns!) to make a rib sandwich for lunch, added some of our sweet homemade onion pickles and homemade mayo to the mix too. Gotta love when everything comes together.

Gratuitous food porn below!


Amber Pollard said...

Your biscuits look on point

Bonnie said...

I have no idea what I'd cook for Obama (still thinking about that prompt even though we're already on the next one) but this looks pretty amazing! I love that seitan recipe.

B.A.D. said...

@bonnie the seitan recipe is from Fatfree vegan originally but we made it from the Everyday dish tv youtube channel.

Video here: https://youtu.be/nhq4cH_et7U
@amber thanks!