Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Veganmofo15: #16 Fav late summer food

Sadly I don't have any fantastic photos for today, but my favorite summer food especially late summer (last chance!) corn on the cob. Prices drop and I find sometimes the late corn taste even better then the first summer corn. Because let's be real, first summer corn is typically picked too early before it is ripe and we only think it tastes sooo good because we've been dreaming of it all winter.

Here in NS folks grow corn through most of spring/summer but around august/September you get the year end haul of corn which in my opinion is the best. The summer of cob mobs have died down so you can actually get to the corn bins, and generally prices have dropped (score!). I find this corn to be a bit sweeter and more flavorful then other times and you can get it for 0.05$ CAD! FIVE CENTS! So if that doesn't earn it first place I don't know what will.

Occasionally you get corn that needs to be used right away, which is a-ok with me because I can eat buckets of the stuff. But if fresh corn cob isn't your thing, year end corn is great for salsas and corn stew. MMMMM

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