Thursday, October 9, 2008

Veganmofo: A Word about food choices

I know this month is about food and the awesomeness of vegan cooking, baking and food in general. Maybe its a downer, but our food sends an important message. Whether we buy eggs/dairy/meat/etc can be the difference for thousands of animals yearly and the industry knows it. Dean foods owns a soy milk brand (which brings about a whole other set of issues), if there wasn't money to be made selling dairy alternatives do you think this dairy giant would take the resources from their veal and milk to promote, produce and sell a vegan beverage?

Each time we sit down to eat we are making choices. We choose what to eat, what not to eat, what message to send, who should get the bulk of the profit, if money should be spent on chemicals, on health care for workers or if the money should be spent hurting animals.

I have never felt a greater urge or need to promote a plant based diet, because as much good as vegetarianism, cutting back and everything else does, they need more. They need us to make the choice, because not everyone is going to be moved by compassion. In fact, most will be moved by profit.

I just got back from yet another stockyard visit, and I will spare you the gritty details but to have looked the newborn calves in their teary eyes and have to explain to them why they were there. Why their mothers were being moved, and why large men where sizing them up has really gotten me thinking about how important what we put on our plate is.

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