Friday, October 10, 2008

This may turn the vegan community against me, but I just have to say it

It has to be said.

I hate Garlic Presses. There, I said it. I know everyone loves them, and I've tried time and time again to get on the band wagon. Their easy, quick, efficient blah blah blah and more lies.

Don't get me wrong, I love kitchen gadget and tools,sure I may never need a mango slicer, oranger peeler or countless other fun tools. And maybe I've bought a few too many toys, used them once or twice and forgot about them. I am guilty. I love kitchen stuff. All stuff, especially tools and gadgets. But not, the garlic press.

Maybe I've only had bad presses in my life, but I find them tedious. They are hard to clean, with their little compartments and I always manage to get tiny garlic pieces into all kinds of odd places. Worst of all they don't even press all the garlic, you are always left with that icky, smushed, wad of what used to be garlic that just won't press through no matter how hard you pull. So after all the fussing with the stupid gadget the garlic juice squirting you in the eye and whatever else, you have to fish out these ends bits and chop em by hand or heaven forbid dispose of them.

Sure you can try and use it without peeling, which I guess could be appealing but really does anyone spend that much time peeling? One slice to remove the end, smack the clove with the blunt side of the knife and it pops right off. Same with mincing, a few quick slices and YOU ARE DONE. Easy clean up, use the whole clove, finished in a minute. Maybe I'm missing something, but chopping garlic is a breeze. Yeah, maybe your hands smell like garlic and it lingers for hours but hey, I like garlic that's why I am using it in the first place.

So everyone can fiddle with their presses and shun their cutting boards, but I think I'll skip the hassle and enjoy the scent of garlic on my hands and let some other poor soul figure out how to clean those darn things.


Bex said...

I thought this was going to be something bad, like not liking garlic :)

B.A.D. said...

Nothing that drastic. Garlic and I are still lovers.

Jeni Treehugger said...

I hear you about the Garlic Press - I had Garlic Press issues for years. But the thing that finally bought me round was how small you can get the garlic!!
That's worth it in my books.

And that little meshy leftover bit? Just squoosh it about and press it again.

And you really need to use a scrubbing brush to clean the things with - it is the only way.

Lily Girl said...

I have a garlic press that is actually decent, but I often opt not to use it just because I don't want to clean it! Happily, I have a solution that I think works just as well and it much less frustrating- a microplane zester. It'll give you super fine garlic, it's a lot easier to clean, and it's far more useful!