Friday, November 4, 2016

Veganmofo: Day 4: Where do you like to eat out?

There is really no contest at all for best place to eat in Dartmouth, heck even before I moved Liu's Formosas
was one of my favourite places to go.

Curry rice! Carrot, potato , rice and mock meat

Formosas offer's amazing variety of tea and vegetarian food from china (with a few Japanese dishes), but the thing that brings me back and back again DUMPLINGS!!!! and the prices. You can get 20-30 handmade dumplins for 9.99$. The portions are huge, the prices are some of the cheapest in the city, and the food is down right tasty.

They offer a variety of mock meat dishes that are vegan (some things like the mock drumsticks contain egg but thankfully the menu lists a lot of the ingredients): Red curry Mutton, sweet and sour vegan ribs, soup with vegan ham n vegetables, steam buns (only a few are vegan like red bean and bbq), to sushi which can be made vegan without mayo.

The owners are amazing and they also offer a giant menu of tea with free refills. It is one of those charming down home shops that I will be eating at forever. The have a great mix of herbal, green, oolong, and black teas. Ranging from traditional teas to flavored teas and everything in between. I usually get the caramel rooibos because it taste like those caramel bars but vegan. This time though we opted for a Kyoto Cherry Blossom green tea which was lovely. If you have never been I recommend getting the green tea to experience the traditional preparation and practice your tea inversions!
Not picture is the large glass pot with the tea light to keep it warm.
My friend Taylor is down for Halcon so of course dumplings were our first stop and for once I managed to restrain from order 10 different plates of snacks and sides and stuck with the classic and economical Curry Rice and split an order of dumplins and tea!
Portions are generous!
I may have forgotten to photograph the mountain of dumplings because we were too busy eating this is maybe 1/4 of the full order.
 Taylor went with the amazing sushi order (I forgot to photograph T.T) and cold noodles plus half the dumplings and tea.

Cold noodles: Noodles, carrot, cucumber, mock ground pork, with sesame oil sauce

 So if you are ever in HRM let me know and I will come have dumplings with you!


Emma Timson said...

I love the sound of this place! A tealight to keep tea warm, that's so cute! And caramel rooibos sounds lovely, especially for someone like me who can't have caffeine! The food looks pretty great too :)

Anonymous said...

Dumplings and huge portions are two of my favourite things! This looks great!