Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Veganmofo: DAY 1: Share your favourite food

Ok, so the blog post is a bit late as I was dealing with visiting family but I used that as an opportunity to share one of my favourite foods from Halifax suitable a Vegan Donair. Lately with unpacking the apartment and my knee injurying (kitchen unpacking/use-ability is still in flux!) so my favourite food has been food I didn't have to prepare myself :P.

So I took my Dad across the bridge to Halifax for Johnny K's Seitan Donair. No Vegan Donair sauce saddly but since I prefer spicy sauce the substitution for red chili sauce is a-ok with me and the vegetarian donairs are vegan! Hurray!

I got a classic style donair combo with fries [Although I usually get the Gyro because it's the a donair with Fries INSIDE and more bang for buck]. But since I was craving fries because let's face it potatoes are my one true favourite food.

Gloriously fried potatoes! The side fries were actually way more than I thought so the wrap, soft drink and fries for 9.99$ is a great deal.

My dad whose favourite food is also seitan, opted for the healthier donair box which is basically the donair seitan on top of fries or salad (he got salad).

Happy MOFO!

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