Thursday, September 22, 2016

Veganmofo 2016! Dusting off the old blog

So 2015 and 2016 have been a whirlwind of shitty life occurrences but after just moving to a new place with my fella I am hoping things are turning around. So although I am currently off on a workplace injury which leaves me pretty apartment bound and immobile (for now!) VeganMofo is on the horizon! And as I am currently laid off in addition to being injured I feel like this year will have me aching for something to do so let's dive into MOFO Season Y'all!

More info on Vegan mofo can be found at the command centre

So to start things off they are issueing Mini Mofo challenges to wet our appetites round one has a deadline of Sept 27 so I am getting a late start but I will be polling past roommates and friends to figure out what my signature dish is! And I will try and have a post ready for you all and maybe also unpack my new kitchen so we can all get cooking!

**I have also dabbled a bit with fixing the broken theme on here, sorry! let me know what you think, it seems to still have some formatting issues for larger images. 

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