Friday, September 23, 2016

Renters kitchen: A new dilema.

As you know we recently moved and one thing we discovered while trying to unpack is our new kitchen is equip with remarkably tiny cabinets. Which when they were empty we didn't notice.

Here are a few photos of the kitchen layout, our entrance is on one side of the kitchen along a big stretch of empty wall and the rest of the kitchen is built along the adjacent wall.

It looks decent enough, until you attempt to place diner plates or pots into the cabinets. The drawers you see there can only hold 1 large or medium size pot (which is inefficient so I am trying to find alternative places to store them, notice they are hiding with the bowls.).

A common theme with the storage for cabinets here is narrow but deep. Special award to the tiny areas next to the oven. Which are about 2-3 small tinfoil rolls wide but a good 2 feet deep. Normally I put baking trays in the warming drawer of my oven but the cabinet there is so narrow I am unsure what else would fit.

In fact we have a really nice deep pantry just next to the fridge. Seriously its almost 4 feet deep!

However as you can see things can get a bit lost in there and you kinda have to pull everything out to get what you are looking for or even see what you have. Thankfully my large dry good storage jars help a lot with this process but I am looking to the internet to find solutions that don't loose us valuable shelf real estate.

Hallway Closet of appliance banishment.
So far I am negotiating to get my pegboard approval to make use of the giant empty wall and provide a home to pots and pans.
I have also bought a small kitchen cart on wheels to hopefully reclaim some of the counter space and we have put an industrial shelf into our storage closet down the hall to house the appliances.

So if anyone out there has any brilliant ideas or solutions to my ever dwindling counter space or spice storage I will take all the help I can get!!!

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