Monday, September 26, 2016

MiniMofo: Signature Dish Bruschetta!

Trying to pick just one signature dish was a little daunting and as my kitchen is still a work in progress I figured I would go with a classic I started making in Middle School Simple and rustic bruschetta.

I remember this being pretty much the only thing I ever made that my mom would willing eat, in fact she now makes it pretty regularly which for someone as picky as her is a huge HUGE success.

While the recipe often changes based on whats available its a pretty simple and intuitive dish to make.
Thankfully my mother hand delivered me some glorious tomatoes, garlic and basil from her garden shortly after I moved in so I have been enjoying this all week!

-Fresh tomatoes diced(home grown is best!)
-Fresh Basil (although I have in the past used dried italian seasoning & basil) 
-Fresh Garlic Minced
-Onion diced
-Virgin Olive Oil
-Balsamic Vinegar
-Red wine Vinegar (use sparingly!)
-Crusty vegan bread!
Glorious colours
Toss together in a bowl your diced veggies and minced herbs, make sure to mix everything up well before adding in the oil and vinegar. Toss as you add to make sure you get a nice even coating and add in some fresh cracked pepper and salt.

The key is to allow the tomato mixture to sit as the salt will draw out some moisture for you, keep tossing it occasional and taste it until you get the perfect balance.

Meanwhile slice your bread and preheat the oven to broil (or at least 400 degrees) the high temperature allows the bread to toast while just warming or slightly charring the tomatoes and onions. You could also toast the bread by brushing it with olive oil and garlic then top it with the raw tomato mixture, but I prefer to cook it.

You can see in the photo I make mine a bit soupy on the bottom so I can toss the dressing over the veggies. I like to strain the mixture a bit when I top the bread and then spoon/drizzle the oil/vinegar dressing over top as it bakes.

Voila! Perfect summer fare.

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