Saturday, November 13, 2010

Veganmofo: the pyschological dance of the midnight snack

It's midnight... you are home alone... watching some horrible exploitation film or horror movie which should never be watched by a single person alone at night when the neighbours are away.

Pressure rises, blood pumps a bit faster then usual. Every little noise makes you second guess if the doors were locked just right. And if your anything like me, when the AM rolls around so does the craving for food. Snacks. Edibles. and not just any, but the greasy, junkfoodie kind. The type of food you should likely limit your intake of and certainly not consume just before bed.

So here I sit, scared a bit witless craving french fries. Pause movie. Dash to Kitchen. Dice Potatoes. Fire up Toaster Oven. Jump at street Noises. Toss in Oil. Potatoes. Spicemixes. WTF WAS THAT CREAKING SOUND. Grab Knife. Insert fries. Return to movie chair.

It's midnight snack cravings that make simple things like spice mixes crucial. It's one less thing you have to worry about as everything your parents and dieting ever told you about eating after 8pm flashes through your mind. Well I say, fuck your parents and dieting and pass me some midnight munchies.

Midnight snacks can take on many a forums but my favourite late night group is carbs. Specifically potatoes, which are easy and versatile to whip up with little effort.

Your toaster oven is your best friend.

Late night nosh fries:
  • 3-4 small red skin potatoes
  • 4tbsp olive oil
  • veggie grill spice mix, tex-mex spice mix and canjun mix
  • check out yellow rose recipes for some awesome spice mix recipes!
1. turn on toaster oven 350
2. dice potatoes. toss oil into baking sheet. toss in potatoes and dump on your spices
3. cook for 10-20 mins, flip em, cook for another 10-20 until tender/crisp

Salt to taste. enjoy while hiding in a blanket fort.

3 comments: said...

Those potatoes look great - also this is why I don't watch horror movies!

vegan, today! said...

I experienced this exactly last night. I wish I had found your post then!!

Amber Dawn said...

I've heard many a time that the rule about eating after 8 making you get more fat is crap. I've also heard that it's true.. but I prefer to believe the first.