Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More photos from a kitchenless cook

Despite my lack of kitchen, I have still been eating and photographing but with my new job and early, early hours blogging has taken a back seat (I apologize). So to hold you foodies over, here is another set of eats from our kitchenless home.

One of the absolute easiest and go to meals this past month has been roasted potatoes and packaged vegan meats. Sad but true. Roasted veggies (primarily potatoes) are easy and simple to prepare, very basic/minimal chopping and then tossed with spice mixes and oil you can toss it onto a baking tray and slide it into the oven and forget it. You can even reuse the same baking sheet for the next few batches (not optimal for sanitation, but with no sink for dishes I was comfortable with letting this slide). I just threw the vegan bacon onto the baking tray once the potatoes where soft.
Another dish that brings shame to the supposed health of a vegan diet but is right at home on this blog. Mashed potatoes topped with fried yves veggie dog slices and onions. Fluffy, crispy, greasy and fatty. Excellent. Look at how it shines (... ok, now I feel a little like paula dean).
And another quick shot of the bechemel sauce from last post, I just enjoy the kitchen carnage hidden in the back.

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Joy said...

Thanks for the potatoes recipe. I think I see fresh herbs on them too, which I love!