Saturday, May 24, 2008

Doughtnut days

That's right, we made doughnuts and they were awesome. Recipe curtsy of Random Girl .
We double the recipe and added some extra Mace (worth the purchase it gave the dough a lovely sweet spice). Some where fried, other's baked (with a unfortunate accident for those on the lower rack >.<).inside shots!

We started with taking the warm baked donuts and dipping them first into melted earth balance and then into a bowl of cinnamon sugar with cinnamon. Very good, although messy our technique was not presented. We also took confectioners sugar with water as suggested for a nice white glaze which was very pretty. Doubling the dipping action for extra sweet crispy goodness. I also turned the eb/brown sugar bowl into a glaze of its own, cinnamon style. Here they are in various forms. Assembly line

Fired VS Baked Bowl for the nerds.

These ones were on the bottom rack.... oops.


Trish said...

Those look great! What did you notice in the way of differences between the fried and the baked doughnuts?

iReNe said...

oh my god. i want everything that i have just seen in this entry!

too bad that i am not at all good with cooking :)

greetings from madrid. go vegan!

Deb Schiff said...


Anonymous said...

Oh god, yes. Those look incredible.

B.A.D. said...

hmmm, this was a while ago. Mostly I remember liking the fried ones better as they became crispy on the outsiders and fluffy inside. The baked ones had more of a doughy/bready texture (and some/most were burnt on the bottom because I forgot about them).

Brad Beattie said...

Huh... And these work? I haven't had donuts in near on to 10 years now. Excitement!