Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cooking for the family, backlogged

i am currently recovering from surgery so most of my food looks pretty gastly. But this may give me the chance I needed to get back to posting the older stuff.

This meal actually had my mother eating tofu, which was interesting. I loved it and I think zane did too. Isa's Baked tofu from theppk.com very few modifications, pressed tofu for a few hours and as usually it was frozen first.

Wild mushroom couscous that was sitting in the pantry, along with the some toasted almonds and broccoli in lemon juice with brags. And candied Carrots from Kittee's site.

I also made some brownies, Isa's recipe again although I accidentally used regular tofu instead of silken, so they were a little dense but still good I found. Live and learn.

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