Thursday, November 8, 2007

Marginally food related

So the long weekend coming up, everyone I know is leaving for home. So as usually this weekend is a planned homework attack, and attempt dorm clean. That being said, I've been itching to go out with people or socialize, as I posted about going to the Vegan Anniversary at the Wooden Monkey was awesome. And I realized that I kinda like going out with friends, or maybe just going out period.

So I'm thinking I may take myself out to diner, I know this post kinda digresses from the food but she's got food in her heart. I was thinking about writing a little bit about the joys and pleasures of eating out, a sit down meal etc and the taboo's attached to 'going it alone'. So this weekend, homework and ppk-mail-athon/ppk birthday gift shop attack aside I'm going to take my old busted camera and photo graph a single girl exploring food and dining alone in the city.

That's right, I am taking myself out to diner and weird stares be damned. I have yet to decide, but I may venture off sans book as well. Because really a healthy and fun relationship with food should be just that, regardless of who your with or your serving size. This girl can vote, walk herself home at night, and she'll be damned if she can't eat alone at some sit down place.

Depending on cash-flow I may venture to the Wooden Monkey again and try to capture the feel of the place, and maybe try a new hot-vegan-spot to keep you all in the know. Wish me luck and keep up your fooding adventures!


jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

I typically enjoy dining alone. Go with it!

Gwenlet said...

All of my friends are disappearing this weekend, too. Some of them are going to another friend's country home. The phrase "country home" makes me gag. I'm going to spend this weekend eating junk food and drinking cheap liquor with my few remaining friends, I think.