Monday, November 5, 2007

5 Years of Veganism

Although this year was the lowest key of celebration I have had since that day, in a way it was nice. I didn't get to cook a big meal, have a party and see 50 friends. But The boys and I went out to the wooden Monkey and has a pretty decent time.

The food and atmosphere is amazing. Their napkins and take out containers are sugar fiber, natural moisturizer in the bathrooms and an extensively vegan friendly menu and great staff. We ended up with desert on the house because they accidentally droped john's pizza in the kitchen, and a drop in from a furry little friend. Not that either event bothered us in the least, after all second oldest building in halifax and mice are cute. Plus no contamination of food or anything.

It was great, I had japanese dumplings and umeboshi dipping sauce for starters, then a seitan sandwhich with roasties. Lemon Lime soda and the best tofu chocolate creme pie ever.
Our server was so nice, and I cannot believe it has taken me so long too stop by.

5 vegan thumbs up for this place and I will surely be heading back soon.

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