Friday, August 24, 2007

When bad people happen to good muffins....

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Well the plus side of my shack is that is comes with amazing blueberries that grow wilded in the back.
And I decided to make muffins with them, but lack groceries and supplies I was unable to make Isa's blueberry corn muffins so I opted for a recipe in a new book I got: The little Vegan Monsters' cookbook.
After the batter was shorta mixed, Gwyn showed up and needed to take me away, so I poured in the batter and got my family to watch them.
Not entirely sure what I did wrong, maybe the measuring or not enough/too much mixing, or my family forgot about them, but they didn't rise and were kinda hard and lumpy.
Not very good, and I'm still trying to eating them, I'll try the recipe again later on and do it properly just to be sure it was me and not the recipe.

On the plus side the lovely berries!

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