Sunday, March 11, 2012

Halifax Eats: Sweet HereAfter

Greetings all, I figured since Halifax has been changing as usual it was time to bring back this series of posts on Halifax Eats. Sadly not all the places I've posted about still exist and some menus have changed. But thankfully some new places have opened as well.

One of which is The Sweet HereAfter Artisans cheesecake shack offering a daily vegan cheesecake of rotating variety and always tasty.

The shop is super cute with booths and tables for intimate desserts, parties or coffee/tea and cake with friends. Decor is amazing and they've added a fun little photo booth!

Plus I hear rumours about being able to order whole cheese cakes for your events! Score!!

Although they only offer one vegan cake a day, the flavours are awesome and they are always inventing more and love to talk ideas.

I've done the Oreo, mocha, peanut butter and a few other brilliant vegan varieties. The owners are super nice and great to chat with.

This beauty was my second piece after Alan and I ate  the last of that days Vegan Cheesecake they had just brought out the one for the next day (fresh out of the oven) to our table so I could see it. I decided to grab a piece to go for breakfast.

Coconut Lime Vegan Cheese Cake with Mango puree!

I love the coconut throughout and the crust seems to be a nut/shredded coconut combo with a good sweet crunch!


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