Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This is "Overweight"

This is "Overweight"
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BMI's fucking suck. I'm sorry, I may have issues about my appearance and self worth, but BMI is fucking shit. There are a few flickr groups and photo projects that really well capture the facts.

BMI means nothing, and you really shouldn't let it mean anything more. I'll be trying to remember that and a lot of other things, so as inspiration I'm going to be taking a few more "This is "Overweight" " themed photos.

I hope you guys stay tuned and enjoy them.


Sarah said...

hey i was just talking about BMI w/ my best friend! i just dropped from obese to overweight. i was never obese, for heaven's sake. you certainly don't look overweight. BMIs are crap. fork them!

waffle said...

I'm technically overweight myself (or rather on the cusp) but I've never a person who told me I needed to lose weight.