Tuesday, December 25, 2007

X-mas dinner

A full day of cooking and 5 minutes of face stuffing, followed by a tummy ache.
Apple crisp is baking and I figured I would upload y'all some pictures.


Pre-roasting squash

Stuffing, dried bread, peppers, onions, celery and seasoning.

Asparagi and fresh garlic, with squeezed lemon

Apple Crisp, crust. Rolled oats, brown sugar, WW flour, EB, and spice, recipe latter.

The shack offers a unique set of cooking issues, namely a lack of space. The kitchen is incredibly small and lacking is space, but we made it work. Here's half, the final cooking batches in full steam.

I also roasted the seed with some spice, from the butternut squash. Not sure if your supposed to eat those seeds, but they taste fine.


Fresh lemon and garlic, amazing

Squash, yum.

Carmalized goodness.


Finished plate, side bowl of mashed taters


Tofurky sliced and peppered:

Family stuffing recipe, topped with tofurky gravy

Scooped and gutted squash:

Dog's meal:

Bonus x-mas sweater and dog:

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