Sunday, November 6, 2011

I have saved Veganism! (Potentially): The theoretical vegan flapjack

I just had a brilliant idea, which seems like it will almost work (being unable to get to the health food store to buy coconut oil and test my theory, I figure I'd run it by the ppk) Vegan Flapjacks.

FlapJacks are some what of an obsession of certain people, essencially they boil down to pancakes cooked in bacon grease (kinda gross when you say it out loud).

So for the vegan version, I was thinking of melting some coconut oil as its a rich fat that is solid at room temperature like bacon grease. It's also known for going a bit crispier than the traditional oil.

For the bacon-y flavour I was thinking a hickory smoke and some soy sauce, possibly garlic or some other flavour.

Ideas thoughts? Food science ?

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