Saturday, November 1, 2008

A day in the kitchen and couch

Today Zoe and I watch movies all day while cooking up a variety of stuff.
First up WW ginger carrot muffins a-la-Zoe.

I'll be asking her for the recipe a basic WW muffin to which various add-ins/changes can be made.
For these she chopped my candied ginger chunks and grated two carrots.

So I figured today would be a cooking day, and I pulled out Yellow Rose Recipes to make the tamale pie I never got to try during testing. Being out of corn meal and a few other essentials, I made a bastardized version of my own. Using crushed corn chips in place of the polenta, follow your heart cheddar and Joanna's Nacho sauce for the top, Yves Mexican crumble (had no tvp T.T), and a way to big can of kidney beans with a smaller can of corn (no frozen). Also, no tumeric or cummin so I just left it out (SHH!). Still turned out amazing.

Next up Zoe stewed lentil stew all day to produce this gloriously thick rich filling bowl.

And I decided to do banana bread, a-la Kittee.
Which lead to making Kittee's peanut butter fudge, but Zoe wanted chocolate and coconut fudge... so we just added some. And added a little more of everything else.

**photos to come.

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Bex said...

kittee has banana bread? I'm there with my ripe bananas!