Friday, October 5, 2007

Product review!

Holy awesome. It's not chocolate, but the slightly graining consistency of Carob has grown on me through these delightful bars of wonder.
Goldies Premium Carob Bars
Are sweet, hydrogenated oil free, contain no refined sugars, no chocolate, no caffeine, no cocoa, no preservatives and surely no conservatives either. But man are these babies good. Today's feature is the delightful banana, the odd thing is after the sweet grainy carob goodness (seriously close to milk chocolate on the sweet scale but better) comes the bananay punch, it honestly taste like real bananas and banana candies all at onces. The taste is there, present, powerful but not over bearing. Almost a swallow and enjoy kinda presence.

Great treat, decently good for you in a "I'm still a candy bar" kinda way. Over all a 8.5/10.
Enjoy em.

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Deb Schiff said...

I love these. Mint is my favorite. :)